What’s happening at the VJC

Over the past few weeks the Clayton RSL has been the site of some great jazz performances.
During October we had the Seniors Concert featuring that marvellous group of “oldies” – The Beenaroundawhile Jazz Band – there is certainly nothing like well-experienced and practiced jazz musicians to create not only a great atmospher on stage, but produce some incredible music.
October was the month when we were able to secure the talents of Jo stevenson for a gig – and what a night that was!

We also heard from another new young band – the Sugarfoot Stompers – led by Travis Woods (Shirazz), and the legendary Jason Downes put together a wonderful group of musicians for a Jazz Swing night – Jason’s Swing Masons – consisting of Michael McQuaid, Jason Downes, and Leigh Barker.

Mikes Retro Five – with Michael McQuaid, Jason Downes, Sandra Talty, Liam O’Connel and Leigh Barker performed early in November, followed by the Syncopators the week after. Another few band – Juliarna and the Heart Jazz Statesmen also made their first appearance at the VJC – and what a night of music that was!

With the end of the year in sight, the Victorian Jazz Club is very proud of the incredibly broad range of music presented to members and their friends this year, and trust that 2015 will shine just as brightly on the jazz calendar for both the Club and its members and followers.